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Do I need New Gutters for my Home?







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    Do I need new gutters for my home?

    1. Are your gutters properly sloped?

    2. Are your gutters downspouts properly sized (not 2x3)?

    3. Are your gutters properly attached with screwed hangers?

    4. Are your gutters performing properly and not tilted forward?

    5. Are your gutters properly secured to your home?

    6. Are your gutters' miters and end caps sealed properly?

    7. Are your gutters properly discharged (meaning not clogged)?

    8. Are your gutters seamless?

    9. Are your gutters properly mounted underneath and behind drip edge?

    10. Is the water entering your gutters and not overflowing?

    11. Is the water entering your gutters and not leaking behind the wood?

    12. How is your gutters' appearance and is it clean/pretty with no zebra striping?

    13. Are your gutters' downspouts properly attached?

    14. Are your walkways and entryways protected with no water erosion?

    15. Is your home's fascia board properly protected, not getting wet and not rotting?

    16. Is your home's soffit properly protected, not getting wet and not rotting?

    17. Are the trees around your home discarding debris 30+ yards from your home?

    18. Is the debris from the trees minimal?

    19. Are the leaves clogging your gutters very large in size?

    20. Is your home's roofline a low slope roofline?

    Any other complaints or issues with your gutters?


    Unlike our competitors (who are national companies, where we are a regional company founded and operated from Central Kentucky), we are interested in actually solving their gutter problems with our patented self cleaning gutter system.

    1. SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT: When a homeowner requests an estimate we will schedule a time to walk the house and learn the problems they are having.
    2. DEVELOP ESTIMATE: We will ask that the homeowner have a look at a sample of the Ever Clean Gutter System brought out with the estimator so they can learn the options and deliberate design features which distinguish Ever Clean Gutter System from our competitors.
    3. MEASURE & COLORS: We will collect all the measurements, establish pricing and color, and provide the written estimate during the appointment, which may take an hour at most.
    4. NEVER HIGH PRESSURE: This is not a high pressure sales appointment and the written estimate will be left with the homeowner should they choose to postpone their decision.
    5. LOCALLY MADE & LOCALLY OWNED:  Our product and team are the best choice. We are a family owned business and our Ever Clean Gutter System components are actually Made in Kentucky, and our product is installed with our teams of actual employees, not sub contractors.  We are old fashioned in this way, carrying the required insurance and skilled & trained installers full-time employed by our company.

    Why Choose Ever Clean Gutters

    Why our Gutters are Superior

    The Ever Clean Gutter System is completely enclosed and protects your gutters. There are no vertical openings for leaves and debris to enter, and no screens to clog. Rainwater flows over and around the nose of the Ever Clean Gutter System and migrates downward into your gutters by the simple physical law of water surface tension.

    Gutter Guards Comparison

    Gutter Guards versus Ever Clean Clog Free Gutters including our self-cleaning technology, lifetime warranty to never clog or pull away, superior gutter installation, protects rook and fascia board, and securely attached. See our side-by-side comparison chart.

    Stop Cleaning your Gutters

    Ever Clean Patented Clog Free Gutters protect you from Danger. Ever Clean Patented Clog Free Gutters protects your home from damaging water leaks. Ever Clean Clog Free Gutters Offer Beautiful Protection, Creating lasting protection while wrapping your home with a decorative crown molding that will last forever. Learn more.

    About our Clog Free System

    Here is some information about other gutter products we have discovered “in the field” over the years when hired to remove and replace with the Ever Clean Gutter System:  One piece gutter protection and gutter add-ons or accessories may pose significant risks to homes due to design flaws. Learn more.