• Is your gutter STRONG?

    Gutters strong enough to stay in place when filled with ICE?
    Strong enough to maintain proper slope towards the downspout…..so when the air temperature does rise above 32 degrees the gutter will DRAIN?
    Homeowners call our office describing their rain water problems throughout all seasons in Central Kentucky.  Their concerns are about rain water that drips, overflows, pools, and freezes on their patios.  All of these problems are likely due to their leaking gutters having been weakened by the weight of ice in the gutter, ice most likely held in place with clogs or gutter accessories.
    Our Kentucky winter might be classified this year as moderate to mild, so far.  But even when we recieve rain, instead of snow or ice, inevitably the over night air temp drops below freezing and our gutters hold ice……for days on end.

    The Ever Clean Gutter System is mounted to the homes with the Unbreakable Bracket, held in place with 5 screws every two linear feet.  This bracket, when partnered with the two sections of Ever Clean aluminum, is strong as a tank!  Strong enough to hold up even when under the weight of a full size pick up truck, as shown in the photo.
    This gutter is strong, proven, and permanent.
    The Ever Clean Gutter System is a perpetual solution that requires ZERO maintenance whatsoever, and will manage the rain water on your home throughout all our wild Kentucky weather systems!

    Why not protect your home from neglected water damage.  Call Ever Clean for a free estimate.