• Gutter Guards Reviewed & Removed!

    Busy Season for gutter work is Springtime!  Most homeowners believe Fall is gutter season because of the heavy leaf load, but unfortunately Springtime is the time homeowners can see first hand how their gutters and gutter guards performed over the very wet, frozen winter conditions here in Central Kentucky.
    The single most important message to homeowners about gutters and gutter guards:  READ THE REVIEWS FOR EACH PRODUCT.  Any reports of failure or lack of warranty support is a big red flag.  Our company is empathetic each time a homeowner contacts us to remove their recently installed gutter guards of leaf gutters.  They tell us about the pressure sales technique and promised about warranties.  However spring rains expose water damage and wet foundations.  Many of the products offered can actually keep the leaves out of the gutter trough BUT they fail at collecting and moving rainwater off the roof and away from foundations.  Instead rain water finds its way into structural wood and windows, which is not good.
    Why not enjoy your beautiful Kentucky Spring with a gutter installed to free you from gutter cleaning AND designed specifically to handle the rain water, protecting your home from water damage.  The Ever Clean Gutter Company has only excellent reviews!
    These are unsolicited reviews from homeowners who care about other homeowners:   http://evercleangutter.com/testimonials/
    The Ever Clean Gutter company is completely different from all the others.  Educate and protect yourself, you will be glad you did.  Give us a call, we answer our phone and answer your questions!  502.637.3393/859.259.1133