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The Ever Clean Gutter System can offer residential exterior companies a performance gutter that is rivaled by none.  Exclusive territories create unlimited success in regional or metropolitan areas where homeowners seek maintenance free exteriors.  The strong profit margin is especially appealing when combined with the confident reality that the product will not fail.

The Ever Clean Clog Free Gutter System  will remain free flowing with out any maintenance whatsoever and protect the home from water damage for indefinate periods.  In more than 15 years of use there has not been a single product failure or warranty claim.

The unique and patented design and installation of the Ever Clean Gutter System (“ECGS”) uses water surface tension both vertically and horizontally to direct rainwater to the downspouts. This unrivaled feature makes the ECGS the only self-cleaning and truly maintenance-free gutter in the market and enables both successful control of large and small debris and superior protection against costly damage to the home that results from improper drainage.

Licensed dealers are provided a turn key marketing and business plan that includes electonic media, demonstration materials, and installation training and manuals.  The total initial investment including working capital and all fees to start your operation is between $30,000 and $150,000 depending on certain variables such as location, size of your operation and other factors that we look forward to speaking you about.

Read Herb Doolan’s story, whose a licensed authorized dealer in Cincinnati OH.

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