• 8 Things you MUST Know before Buying Gutters


    So you are considering a clog free gutter system. Congratulations and do your homework before making the investment.

    Tricky thing about clog free gutters: Lots of systems are available to keep the leaves out of the gutters, but most of those systems have design flaws that don’t show up until years later (usually in the form of rotted wood and roof issues). Get a clog free system designed to handle the leaves, and protect your home from water damage.

    1. You should know that a well-designed gutter system requires self-cleaning technology; this enables the maintenance free guttering to perform optimally long term.
    2. You should be cautious of any system whose basic function is limited to top filtration like screens, or any hoods that rely on holes or slots; they will soon fail when debris quickly fills all the holes and prevents any water from entering the gutter. These systems are NOT maintenance free.
    3. Beware of the outdated one-piece designs. Guard yourself from potential wood rot and gutter overflow. Take the time to Google search the problems associated with them including clogging and overflow issues.
    4. Did you realize clog free systems must mount to your fascia board behind the roof drip edge. Never should they require any alterations to the existing roof like mounting under the shingles or installing any additional flashing/drip edge as either may void your roof’s manufacturer and installation warranties.
    5. Clog free systems need to be large, offering lots of surface area for the water to cling to as it flows into the gutter and down the downspouts. Make sure the gutter trough is at minimum 3 inches in depth in order to carry the water to the downspouts.
    6. Clog free systems must mount securely, using multi function brackets that support both the bottom and the top, maintaining proper placement over many years of use. Any system that installs gutter brackets that only support the hood or are missing either the placement clip or forward pitching support may decrease in performance immediately as the trough begins to sag.
    7. Clog Free gutter systems should be offered by reputable companies who are in excellent standing with the both Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau. Check with them before buying anything.
    8. Over 200,000 people visit the hospital ER each year with ladder accidents. Stop cleaning your gutters.